Sam Ebohon was born on November 30, 1970, in Lagos to Edo-Benin parents.   

Ebohon, a studio artist, graduated in 1990 with an HND (Higher National Diploma) from the prestigious Yaba College of Technology. 

His most identifiable works feature large criss-crossing strokes that abstract the subject matter. Ebohon's vibrant brushstrokes bear a particular textual flourish often found in artworks by other graduates of the Yaba School.

The kinetic brushwork Ebohon uses creates a blurry effect that acts to both veils and reveal beauty and elegance. Simultaneously, these painterly explorations definitively point toward a contemporary African concept of the sublime.  Compact straight dashes combine with short strokes to dissolve into naturalistic forms seeking to define human existence within various thematic and social contexts. By creating a balance between technique and visual drama, Ebohon’s artworks evoke playful visual effects through their use of seemingly out-of-focus imagery. As if seen through a glass prism, the images expand into reflections of motion.

Ebohon is a respected member of the prestigious Guild of Professional Artists of Nigeria and the Society of Nigerian Artists. In 2009 Ebohon was awarded the Gold Medal Prize at the Caterina de Medici painting competition in Florence, Italy. His paintings are widely represented in local and international art collections.


Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions: 

• 2016 Open Secrets, Rele Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2008 Shades of Value, Terra Kulture, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2002 Hourglass Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

Group Exhibitions:

• 2016 Mutual Art Inspiration, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

• 2014 Colours of Hope, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2011 The Lost Pictures, Los Angeles, USA

• 2011 Galerie Vendome Paris Terrakulture, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2009 Stepping into Universality, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2009 Indue Season, Mydrim Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2008 Threshold, Terra Kulture, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2007 Hellenic Images, Greek Embassies in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria

• 2005 Rejuvenation, Society of Nigerian Artists, Lagos, Nigeria