Olusegun Adejumo was born September 30, 1965, in Lagos, Nigeria.  

He studied Fine Arts at the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, graduating with a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Painting.  

Adejumo’s superior draughtsmanship is evidenced throughout the vast corpus of his paintings, drawings, and illustrations featuring human figures, society women, laborers, and portraits.  Watching Adejumo work with live models evokes an atmosphere of the old masters, whose works he subverts via inverting their racial references.  His art tends towards stylized yet recognizable images of people and places drawn from the urban landscape of Lagos and beyond. His artworks act as social diaries, documenting how society functions.

Adejumo is a full time studio artist and President of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) and the Guild of Fine Artist of Nigeria (GFA).


Selected Exhibitions:

• 2016 Mutual Art Inspiration, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

• 2014 Colours of Hope, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2011 The Lost Pictures, Los Angeles, USA

• 2011 Galerie Vendome Paris Terrakulture, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2009 Stepping into Universality, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2009 Indue Season, Mydrim Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2005 Rejuvenation, Society of Nigeria Artist, Lagos, Nigeria