Kehinde Sanwo was born on September 17, 1963, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sanwo graduated with upper credit in Higher National Diploma (HND) in Painting from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, in 1987. He is an Architecture and Landmark documentarist.

Sanwo's work is the intersection of art and history, serving as an archive for Nigeria's modern history and daily life. The scenes and imagery in his work are documentative while conveying a sense of nostalgia, beauty, and romanticization of his beloved homeland. He believes that ‘all good things in the old way of life should not be lost, but shall be preserved and woven into the texture of the new.’ 

In 1996 Sanwo was inspired to document Lagos’ Brazilian architectural heritage that resulted from the Slave Trade. This culminated in his first solo exhibition titled Legacy. 

Sanwo  is a member of the Society of Nigerian Artist (SNA) and he is the current Vice President of the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria. 


Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions:

• 2014 Light Atmosphere (Photography Exhibition), Terra Kulture, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2007 Nigerian Landmarks, Terra Kulture, Lagos, Nigeria 

• 2002 Moment in Time, Didi Museum, Lagos, Nigeria

• 1997 In the Past, Earth Works Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

• 1996 Legacy, Brazilian Embassy,  Lagos, Nigeria

Group Exhibitions:

• 2017 Lagos for All, EKO ART EXPO, Eko Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2016 'Cartharsis' GFA'S Exhibition,  Terra Kulture, Lagos, Nigeria

• 2015 TKMG Lagos Art Auction, Lagos, Nigeria 

• 2015 Transcending Boundaries, Lacey Contemporary Gallery,  London, UK

• 2014 TKMG Lagos Art Auction, Lagos, Nigeria 

• 2013 Transcending Boundaries, The Gallery on Cork Street, London, UK 

• 2012 Imbued Essence - B.O.I London Olympics Exhibition

• 2010 The Crux of the Matter, GFA'S Exhibition, Terra Kulture, Lagos, Nigeria