Diseye Tantua was born August 23, 1974, in Accra Ghana, to a Nigerian father and Ghanian mother.

Tantua graduated from the department of Fine and Applied Art at Rivers State University of Education, now Ignatius Ajulu University. He is a member of several prestigious organizations including the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria (GFA) and the Chairman of the Society of Nigerian Artists (River State Chapter).  Diseye Tantua lives and works in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.  His works have been exhibited extensively both in Nigeria and internationally.

Diseye Tantua is best known for his iconic style of “Afro Pop Art,” combining graphic symbols, bold colors and expressive text. His drawings are based on traditional proverbs that are made popular by headboards and bumper stickers on buses, taxis, tricycles and street signs. Tantua focuses on social groups in urban spaces, often depicting forms of transit and movement. These scenes are overlaid with popular local expressions that speak to the energy and dynamism of the city’s inhabitants.



Selected Exhibitions:

  • Mutual art inspiration, zoetermeer, Netherlands Oct 2016
  • “Colours of Hope” Lagos 2014
  • “The Lost Pictures” Show in Los Angeles
  • “Galerie Vendome” Paris and Terrakulture, Lagos 2011
  • “Stepping into Universality” Lagos, 2009.
  • “Indue Season” Mydrim Gallery Lagos, 2009.
  • “Rejuvenation” by Society of Nigeria Artist, Lagos 2005